Help Me Sell Axonify into Professional Sales & Service Teams

We’ve had tremendous success selling into and impacting the performance of professional sales and service organizations, particularly in the pharma, tech and F&I space. There are a number of contributors to this success:

  • Most professional sales organizations have L&D embedded right in their teams in the form of sales enablement. So they haven’t had the same challenges as their corporate L&D peers have when it comes to overcoming LMS limitations to drive performance
  • We’ve been able to help them connect the dots around knowledge, confidence and sales metrics, at the rep and/or team level–something they’ve never been able to before
  • They have urgency and budget to drive sales effectiveness and it’s driven from the top

Selling into Sales & Service Teams: Top 5 Lessons Learned

With 7 years under our belt, Axonify sales reps share their wisdom gained selling microlearning into Sales and Service organizations.

Download the Top 5 Lessons Learned (Sales & Service Teams) here.

Axonify for sales & service teams quick facts:

  • 10% of Axonify users are professional sales reps, with 25% selling into the medical space
  • Ethicon, a division of J&J, was our first professional sales use case (2012) and they’re still going strong, with J&J adding another 40 groups from 16 divisions in virtually every country
  • Top sales & service use cases: product knowledge, sales skills, marketing, standards of practice, customer service and onboarding

Sales & Service Teams Sales Toolkit

An exclusive collection of hand-picked resources for selling Axonify to your Sales & Service prospects. Download everything you need in one toolkit, or pick and choose exactly what you want.


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Increase sales effectiveness

Axonify is proven to create more confident, knowledgeable sales reps who close more deals. We make sure they have the knowledge in their heads, when they need it. And in the event that they can’t remember, it’s at their fingertips in Axonify Discover – talk tracks, competitive positioning and other essential sales tools.


“Axonify helps me feel more comfortable when I’m speaking with surgeons. I can remember information about the anatomy, so I can ask intelligent questions when I’m in surgeries. It just breeds confidence.”

Fred Argo
Executive Sales Representative & Territory Account Leader for Surgical Care

Reduce time to readiness

Whether a sales rep or a service technician, the longer they sit on the bench waiting to get in the game, the higher the price tag. And Axonify doesn’t just impact onboarding new hires — it’s enabling sales and service teams on the rollout of new products and services.

“Receiving training through Axonify has increased my productivity and effectiveness when I’m out in the field…Axonify allows us to hit on all the little intricacies of every product and its particular features, whereas normally it’s difficult to get that kind of in-depth training during a product review.”

Pam Eisenberg
Voluntary Enrollment Specialist

Improve coaching effectiveness

Typically after just a few months of deploying Axonify, sales and service leaders stumble across the platform’s reports and realize the power of Axonify’s knowledge and confidence data. It’s the first time they’ve had access to these insights and they quickly rely on it as input into their one-one conversations with their reps.

“We as managers now have output, we see key metrics and it tells us whether or not there’s a coaching opportunity there so we can zero in on where we have specific risks at an employee level in a way in which you could never do in some of these other more traditional methods of learning.”

Charles Rizzo

Skill them where they are

Adoption is so high because reps can do their training wherever, whenever they want on their mobile devices. Pharma reps often complete training while waiting to see a physician, while technicians get it done while sitting in their service vehicles between calls.

“Axonify allows us to balance the need to learn with the need to sell. We leverage Axonify to drive our company’s current strategy by keeping the sales force engaged with Ethicon’s most critical products on a daily basis.”

John Knoble
Director of Commercial Learning

Our Professional Sales & Service Team Clients


Mutual of Omaha

John Hancock Investments


J&J (multiple divisions, including Janssen)



Ortho Clinical Diagnostics



Shire Pharma

AstraZeneca (multiple divisions)

Farmers Group

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