Help Me Sell Axonify to Organizations with Drivers & Dock Workers

Axonify can have a dramatic impact on the performance of drivers and dock workers–whether within a manufacturer (Merck), 3PL (FedEx Freight) or retail warehouse facility (Walmart Logistics).

An emerging driver use case, outside of logistics, is within ride-sharing organizations, like Grab who launched Axonify in 2018 in Southeast Asia. Emerging players like Grab provide huge opportunities for Axonify partners.

Selling to Organizations with Drivers & Dock Workers: Top 5 Lessons Learned

Call it the school of hard knocks or merely a case of figuring it out along the way, but we’ve learned a thing or 2 selling microlearning into organizations with drivers and dock workers and are delighted to share via this quick video.

Download the Top 5 Lessons Learned (Organizations with Drivers & Dock Workers) here.

Axonify for drivers & dock workers quick facts:

  • 90,000 Walmart logistics employees have been leveraging Axonify to instill a safety culture since 2012
  • Top driver & dock worker use cases: safety, corporate culture/HR, codes of conduct, onboarding and process
  • Axonify’s average participation rate amongst drivers & dock workers is 80%
  • 61% of drivers & dock workers opt to play games during their training session
  • Axonify easily integrates with existing ride-sharing programs for a seamless, app within an app experience

Drivers & Dock Workers Sales Toolkit

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Reduce incident rates & instill a safety culture

Safety within the Walmart Logistics organization was our very first use case and, we’re happy to report, it’s still going strong as one of the top reasons folks continue to choose Axonify.

Why? Because Axonify is proven to reduce incident rates and build a proactive safety culture.


“We have seen tremendous improvement as a result of our associates’ ownership and engagement in our safety programs, as well as leadership commitment to the program. Metrics like Lost Times have been reduced by more than 50% and Incident Rates and DART rates [days away from work, job restrictions, and/or job transfers] are well below industry average.”

Ken Woodlin
VP of Compliance, Safety and Asset Protection for Walmart Logistics

Drive operational excellence

Operational excellence depends on the frontline’s ability to reliably and consistently know and do the right things on the job every day.

Axonify has been proven to get them to do just that, resulting in improvements inefficiency and increases in revenue and overall output.

Excerpt from LinkedIn post by Jason I. Hernandez, VP of HR at FedEx Freight

“The new way of training is different. The new way happens before, during and after. It includes data-driven technologies that are backed by brain science and built to tap into what makes people learn and remember critical information… microlearning is such a strategy. Especially for our operations team where we’re not able to take them away from the dock for long periods of time. So for 2-3 minutes a day, it’s the most effective way for our team to stay on top of their game.”

Jason I. Hernandez
VP of HR at FedEx Freight

 Skill them where they are

Whether a delivery truck driver, a forklift operator or material handler, these frontline logistics workers are deskless, hard to reach and perfectly suited for the 3-5 minute, anywhere, anytime experience that Axonify provides.

Walmart Logistics has Axonify kiosks set up in strategic locations throughout their facility where employees have downtown. For example, while associates are waiting for their ruggedized devices to charge, they do their 3-5 minutes of Axonify training on the computer set up right beside their charging station.

Grow ride sharing business

Axonify is helping Grab onboard new drivers faster, while continuously growing the knowledge of their existing drivers – right within their app. Content in the ride sharing world is typically around safe driving practices, product knowledge, customer service standards and adhering to code of conduct.

And because the world of ride sharing is so competitive, Axonify helps to continuously remind drivers that they’re driving for the RIGHT organization.

“As we continue to grow rapidly, Axonify helps us to deliver onboarding training to new driver-partners as well as refresher training to current driver-partners in a more scalable and consistent way. It enables us to focus on continuously improving driver efficiency and satisfaction, as well as safety and service levels to passengers.”

Russell Cohen
Head of Regional Operations

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