Help Me Sell Axonify into Contact Centers

Even though contact center agents aren’t “deskless”, we’re seeing significant success with this use case. And here’s why:

  • Axonify slips seamlessly into each agent’s workflow. So there’s no need to take them away from their desks for training. This is very attractive to leaders
  • Built-in game mechanics drive agent engagement, which is an ongoing challenge in this space
  • Axonify complements this metrics-driven environment, where absolutely everything is tracked and measured

Selling to Contact Centers: Top 5 Lessons Learned

With 7 years under our belt, our Axonify sales reps know a thing or two about selling microlearning into contact centers. Watch as they share some wisdom they’ve gained along the way.

Download the Top 5 Lessons Learned (Contact Centers) here.

Axonify for contact centers quick facts:

  • Axonify contact center customers enjoy consistently high participation rates of 90%+
  • Axonify contact center customers span all industries, from retail (Walmart eCommerce) to F&I (Manulife Financial) to telecommunications (BT plc) to insurance (MCAP)
  • Top contact center use cases: onboarding, product knowledge, customer service practices and rules & regulations

Contact Center Sales Toolkit

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Reduce time to competency

Whether it’s onboarding new agents (which is endless in this space) or launching a new product or service, reducing time to competency for agents is a massive win. And it just so happens to be an area that Axonify is proven to help with. Tracking and A/B testing have proven that, every single time, the Axonify approach to microlearning comes out on top!


When the BT Consumer division hired over 2,000 new agents, they needed to get them up to speed–and fast. Leveraging Axonify they were able to reduce their training duration by 17% for their Sales & Retention group and 24% for their Connections group.

Check out the BT Case Study for the details.

Improve call metrics

It’s a no-brainer: when agents have the right answers, they know where to go for information and have customer service best practices deeply ingrained. And that’s good for business. Calls go better, escalations go down and net promoter scores go up. And, for those contact centers with a revenue metric attached to them, Axonify is proven to positively impact both up- and cross-sell numbers.

Since rolling out Axonify, the Consumer division of BT has seen an impact on virtually every contact center metric they track–from a reduction in repeat customer calls to improvements in connection rates to reductions in call-handling times.

Check out the BT Case Study for the details.

Keep compliant

Frontline agents need to stay on top of ever-changing regulatory and compliance rules in order to avoid missteps that could result in costly fines and litigation. We deliver this kind of business-critical information in a way that sticks so that agents know and do the right thing on the job.

“The platform not only helps our teams understand what they need to do, but it helps us to determine if everybody understand the policies and procedures we need to follow. It reduces our business risk.”

Charles Rizzo
CFO of the John Hancock Group of Funds

Reduce Agent Turnover

When you tell your prospect that Axonify can help them reduce turnover, you’re probably going to get a, “Yah, right!” Why? Because, despite being one of their biggest challenges, operations leaders don’t believe that churn is a solvable problem. That’s why helping them connect the dots is critical. Ask them this: “If your agents were more knowledgeable and confident on the phone, would they be more likely to stay?” Axonify can help operations leaders move the needle so that more feel committed to staying.

“When people are engaged and enjoy learning, they retain more, exercise good judgement and make the right decisions.”

Jasha Fletcher
Head of Learning Solutions Architecture BT Consumer, Customer Care

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