Axonify Learn™

Axonify Learn is where adaptive learning, brain science and gamification come together to deliver an award-winning microlearning experience. At the heart of our platform, Learn gives frontline employees the short, fun, continuous daily training experience that fits right into their flow of work. It’s jam-packed with analytics, coaching tools and communication capabilities for business leaders and has second-to-none program and content development tools and reports for administrators. It’s important to note that you can’t offer your clients the other parts of our all-star product without Axonify Learn–it’s the foundation of what makes Axonify work so well.

Take a look below at everything you need to know about bringing Axonify Learn into your opportunities!

Introducing Axonify Learn

Meet Axonify product marketing manager, Josh Cronk, who will introduce you to Axonify Learn and this section of the portal.

Axonify Microlearning Platform Hands-on Product Tour

We’ll take you on a 6 minute tour of the Axonify Microlearning Platform!

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Axonify Learn Power Pack for Partners

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Provide clients with all types of learning

With Axonify, learning is never one and done! Whether it’s onboarding, continuous reinforcement, new content delivery, compliance training, or even instructor-led training—Axonify serves up the right learning mix, at the right time, to the right people to improve performance. In addition to Axonify’s award winning question-based learning capabilities, the platform supports videos, SCORM or xAPI, on-the-job practice and more depending on what your clients’ employees need on a particular day.

“Axonify has helped create more structure around onboarding. We usually start new hires with a walk around the store to show them everything. I sit down with them and go through the entire orientation. They start using Axonify during their next shift, and it really completes the cultural immersion so they understand our values and main principles. We can have employees on the floor engaging customers and understanding their role in a week, versus two to three. At a minimum, it would take several weeks before we started using Axonify.”

Demond Winfree
Store Manager, At Home

Help them reach the frontline, no matter where they’re located

With frontline employees already in the Axonify platform multiple times a week (often every shift), it’s the perfect way to push out important updates via Axonify Learn’s video broadcast capabilities. In fact, many of our clients find that it’s THE BEST way for their c-suite to stay connected to their frontline staff –  particularly in environments like retail, where associates don’t have email.

“It’s our single one-to-one communication platform and provides us with a unique ability to broadcast key messages that drive important business issues to each and every person.”

Aston Moss
General Manager of Human Resources, Briscoe Group

Help drive user participation with a dozen (or so) game mechanics

Axonify has over a dozen game mechanics – leaderboards, rewards, badges and gameplay – that when combined drive unprecedented levels of end user participation.   The short, fun, app-like games that are embedded right in the learning experience not only motivate learners to keep coming back for their daily training, but get their brains ready to absorb information. Yes, there’s science to prove that gameplay does actually help people learn!

“Gamified learning through Axonify has enabled us to deliver improved performance results, more efficiently, in a fun and engaging way.”

Sam Calvert
Sales and Retention Director, BT Consumer

Provide them real-time analytics and reporting

Axonify continuously measures what employees know and don’t, then harnesses that data to give your clients a real-time view into each of their employees’ unique knowledge profile, gaps and growth. Whether your clients are learning practitioners or business leaders, Axonify serves up the metrics that matter most.

Check out the Axonify Impact™ section of the portal for more on the power of Axonify analytics.

“The reports tell me what knowledge and participation ranking we have at the store level, compared to other stores, and which associates are lacking the right level of knowledge. I can go into Axonify and see who is not participating. I can give a list to the meat leader or the bakery leader and they will help them log in or find out why they are not participating so they can get involved.”

Saul Campos
Store Director, Northgate Market

Keep their administration and content creation simple

With Axonify, your clients will have the power to deliver learning in a way that is designed for an agile world and better able to support the needs of the business. Axonify’s intuitive admin capabilities makes building programs and adding content a breeze, enabling your team to keep training fresh and relevant for your learners.

The platform has built-in tools that support our best practice methodology and guides instructional designers through the process of defining key learning points, creating questions and assigning priority levels for content delivery.

“From my standpoint, the key value add of Axonify is we are able to push out content that is critical to our business while providing consistent information to every member of our team. Axonify makes it easier to refresh content continuously to fit the evolving nature of our business, the changing complexity of our products and the different services that we perform.”

Charles Rizzo
CFO, John Hancock