Axonify Impact

Finally, you can get your clients a seat at the table by giving them the only way  to measure and prove the ROI of training.

Our learning attribution engine (the world’s first) uses the power of big data (captured through daily training sessions) and AI to quickly and easily measure- the ROI of training programs deployed using Axonify. If you have a client who’s looking for a way to prove the business impact of training, Impact is the game changer they need!

Intro to Axonify Impact

Hear from Director of Product Marketing, Shabbir Lasani, how we’ve made ROI measurement a standard part of every training program.

Axonify Impact Hands-on Product Tour

We’ll take you on a 7 minute tour of Axonify Impact – the only way to measure the ROI of training at scale.

Axonify Impact Power Pack for Partners

With Axonify Impact, you can finally start talking to clients about ROI measurement. Our customers call it a game changer because it’s giving them insight into the the holy grail of measurement – Kirkpatrick level 4!

In this Power Pack you’ll find everything you need to position Axonify Impact in your sales opportunities.


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Give your clients the ability to measure and prove the ROI of training

With Impact your clients can see exactly how training is impacting virtually any business KPI including sales, conversions, safety, productivity, customer experience and more.

“I’ve always wanted to help lead the business through the perspective of data. Axonify Impact is a game-changer”

Chad McIntosh
Vice President of Asset Protection and Risk Management, Bloomingdale's

Provide them with a way to measure on-the-job behaviors

Your clients can define on-the-job behaviors that correlate to business goals, then observe and track them right inside Axonify Impact. And when behavioral issues are identified, they’re automatically fed back into our adaptive AI engine to push out refresher training to fill gaps.

“Axonify Impact’s Behaviors feature allow us to measure not only what our associates know about safety but, more importantly, confirm they are exhibiting the desired behaviors to maintain a safe work environment.”

Ken Woodlin
Vice President of Compliance, Safety and Asset Protection for Walmart Logistics

Ensure their leaders and managers know when business KPIs are at risk and learning can help.

Frontline managers and administrators get real-time insight into whether business targets are on track or at risk, along with the training levers to pull to get the business back on track.

“The level of reporting we can get from Axonify, for me, is the key differentiator. We couldn’t get that level of insight from our current LMS (learning management system).”

Jasha Fletcher
Head of Learning Solutions Architecture BT Consumer, Customer Care

Keep them on track to hit business targets by automatically filling critical training gaps

Impact closes the loop by feeding behavior and KPI gaps back into our powerful AI-based adaptive algorithm to push out targeted training in the areas that matter.

Across 52 global sites, knowledge of safety topics is up, the recordable incident rate is down, and lost time injury frequency rate is down.