Axonify Exchange

Finding effective microlearning content isn’t easy.  There’s a common misconception that microlearning content simply means taking a 25-minute video and chunking it down into 5 separate videos, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

When a client asks if you offer microlearning content you can say, “I’m glad you asked!” Axonify Exchange is a growing library of question- and video-based microlearning topics that’s designed to solve specific business problems across a variety of industries.

Axonify Exchange Introduction

Meet product marketing specialist, Alida Cane, who will introduce you to Axonify Exchange and the resources on this page.

Axonify Exchange Product Overview

Watch this video to learn more about the Axonify Exchange, our powerful library of video-based microlearning topics built to engage the frontline and drive results.

Axonify Exchange Power Pack for Partners

Axonify Exchange is the perfect fuel for the Axonify Microlearning Platform. Dive into the Exchange Power Pack for everything you need to position your opportunities.


Access the Whole Power Pack

Give them access to true microlearning content

Exchange lets your clients address any business challenge with access to thousands of ‘ready- to-go’ video and micro-topics, all designed specifically for the Axonify platform. Exchange provides a wide variety of subjects and topics, like Net Promoter Score, Acknowledging and Engaging Customers, Effective Questioning, Fire Safety, Safe Ladder Use, How to Survive an Active Shooter Event, Culinary Knife Safety, Chemical Hazard Symbols and Violence in the Workplace—just to name a few!

“[Axonify Exchange] really is useful. It helps, it takes the pressure off having to produce content on a weekly basis and we loved it. The content was really relevant and applicable in our training environment.”

Grant Adendorff
HR Executive, Incredible Connection

Let them tailor content on demand

Your clients can easily customize off-the-shelf content from Exchange with editing tools that are built right into the Axonify platform. With our built-in content tools, platform administrators can easily edit and deploy the right training to their frontline. And, they have the flexibility to reuse existing content in a variety of media formats, including SCORM, xAPI, YouTube and Vimeo—so they can create their own content or customize anything.

If we have a sudden need or an impact that we need to get out quickly to our team members, we’ll be able to grab from the Content Exchange while our developers are working on other training solutions as well.”

Jen Beardsley
HR Specialist, At Home

Help them drive business results

Axonify microlearning content is built around clear and specific business objectives to drive behavior change that leads to tangible results. Our instructional design content experts begin with the end in mind, defining which frontline employee behaviors will drive your client’s top business goals. Then they craft content using the Axonify Instructional Design Methodology (IDM) proven thousands of times to build on-demand microlearning content that hits the mark and gets results they can measure.

“The fact that it’s already based on Axonify methodology makes it that much easier.”

Cherie Cornelius
Senior Curriculum Developer, Aristocrat