Axonify Discover

Axonify Discover is Axonify’s performance support solution that was developed specifically for the frontline employee. While Axonify Learn™ ensures that employees have what they need in their heads to effectively do their jobs, Axonify Discover provides what they need at their fingertips – in just 2-clicks, 10-seconds.

With Axonify Discover, organizations can create libraries of job aids and resources and through powerful search, frontline workers can quickly and easily access them to solve problems right in the moment. If your clients are looking to consolidate their intranet or if they simply need a better way to get resources into the hands of their employees, then bring Axonify Discover into the conversation.

Axonify Discover Introduction

Meet Axonify Discover Product Marketing Manager, Josh Cronk who will introduce you to our performance support solution.

Axonify Discover Hands-on Product Tour

Axonify Discover connects your people to the company resources they need, exactly when they need it, so they can solve problems and make smarter decisions, faster.

Axonify Discover Power Pack for Partners

If your clients struggle with getting the right information to frontline employees in the moment of need, Axonify Discover is the solution. Everything you need to position Axonify Discover can be found in the Power Pack below.


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Help them find what they need in the moment of need

Axonify Discover is powered by an intelligent search engine that scans every resource (even video) to serve up the right information, the first time, in a matter of seconds. It’s even powerful enough to integrate with your clients’ existing intranets and content management systems, revitalizing forgotten information and connecting it to their people through a modern search experience.

“As a store manager, Axonify DiscoveryZone is probably the most valuable piece. It’s really a library at our fingertips to find points of reference. Even though I’ve been around for a long time in retail, I know I can go there to easily clarify a policy or procedure that I’m unsure of. There’s everything in there from big, overarching topics, all the way to the policy and procedure for what to do when the power goes out in my building.”

Renee Walker
Store Manager, At Home

Make content social and collaborative

The reality is that 80% of knowledge sits tucked away in employee’s heads. So Axonify Discover gives your clients the tools to get what’s in people’s heads shared across the organization. Employees can ask and answer questions, post helpful articles and rate content. And built-in approvals allow your clients’ experts to screen content before it becomes available.

“When I speak to the new advisors now, compared to previously, I would say they’re much more knowledgeable. They’re much more confident when talking about the products and services BT provides.”

Richard Hudspith
Transition Center Manager, BT Consumer

Get critical resources noticed

The frontline gets notified when important resources are added or changed, so your clients can be confident that their teams are always in the know. A helpful newsfeed ensures that employees can easily catch-up on important updates and assets they might have missed.

“Axonify helps us more effectively control our risk and protects our brand from adverse news.”

Charles Rizzo
CFO, John Hancock

Manage resources with ease

Adding or managing new resources or job aids is easy with our built-in editor, approval workflows and versioning capabilities. And the ability to create communities that reflect the unique resource needs of different teams or departments make end-to-end administration a breeze.

“In order for our customers to recognize our stores as a ‘great place to shop’, it is imperative that we create a great place to work. To do this, we are committed to creating the right environment for our people, empowering the right leaders, and equipping them and all of our associates with the right tools to be successful every day.”

Elizabeth Thompson
Chief People Officer, Southeastern Grocers