Meet your new competitive advantage – the Axonify Microlearning Platform

Here’s where the rubber hits the road. The spot where microlearning goes from theory to game-changing, category-leading solution. We’ve architected an all-star lineup of products that leverage brain science, powerful AI-based adaptive learning and gamification to make sure frontline employees remember to do the things that matter to the business.

So sit back and get up close and personal with the Axonify product lineup and learn more about the new Axonify wild card in your pocket!

Axonify Platform Intro

Meet Axonify’s Director of Product Marketing, Shabbir Lasani and get to know the all-star product lineup.

Axonify Microlearning Platform Hands-on Product Tour

We’ll take you on a 6 minute tour of the Axonify Microlearning Platform!

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Four modules, one powerful solution

  • Axonify Learn™ is the heart of our platform that gives frontline workforces a short, fun, continuous daily training experience.
  • Axonify Discover™ provides 2-click, 10-second access to valuable job aids right at the moment-of-need.
  • Axonify Exchange™ is home to thousands of microlearning topics tailored for the Axonify platform.
  • Axonify Impact™ allows them to prove and understand the ROI of every training program delivered inside of Axonify.

Axonify Microlearning Platform Power Pack for Partners

A curated set of tools and resources that will help you position the complete Axonify solution.


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Our microlearning secret sauce:

Meet the learning needs of each individual employee

One-size-fits-all training content just doesn’t work for all employees, as each person comes with their own knowledge and skill set. Axonify’s adaptive algorithm personalizes learning to fill individual gaps, so people can build the knowledge they need to be successful.

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Make learning stick and it will translate into performance

No one’s brain is designed to absorb a firehose of information. People might remember a little, then forget it days later. Using short bursts of learning and proven brain science techniques, Axonify reinforces the things people need to know to perform in the moment.

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Make learning irresistible and people will participate

Let’s face it: most corporate training is long and boring and people don’t pay attention. By weaving the perfect mix of game mechanics into the learning experience, Axonify keeps people coming back for more and makes learning a daily habit.

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Understand the impact of learning on business results (finally!)

In most cases, it’s difficult to understand the business value of corporate training and it’s seen as a cost center to the organization. With Axonify, you’ll prove the impact of learning on business results, like increased sales, or decreased safety incidents.

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